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It is the mission of Fly Sun Valley Alliance to retain, develop and improve air service access to the Wood River Valley.

Fly Sun Valley Alliance is an Idaho non-profit 501c(6) corporation.  The volunteer board of directors is made up of private sector business and organization members, as well as public sector representatives from Friedman Memorial Airport, the cities of Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley and Blaine County.




Work with consultants, airlines and other partners to:

  • Negotiate air service contracts with airlines*; monitor/evaluate/track bookings, fares, P&L
  • Support coordination of start-up effort for new carriers (i.e., United SFO in 2013.14)
  • Coordinate marketing of the air service with partners via promotions, fare sales, campaigns, etc. (Partners include Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley Marketing Alliance, local lodging properties and businesses, Idaho Tourism, and Delta, Alaska, United airlines)
  • Work with airlines and contract diversion bussing providers to improve service/experience
  • Research and pursue new and/or expanded air service opportunities from target markets
  • Support Friedman Memorial Airport efforts to improve airport infrastructure and services
  • Keep abreast of key air service/industry trends nationally; within Sun Valley’s competitive set
  • Maintain strong relationships with key industry contacts:  airlines, consultants, state and local officials, other air service program directors, etc


  • Develop and implement winter and summer air passenger surveys at SUN to determine travel trends, economic impact, other relevant data for use in decision making, public education, etc
  • Monitor/ track other air service related data within our competitive set
  • Monitor/track monthly/YTD enplanement data and other air service related information
  • Work with Friedman Memorial Airport on reduction of leakage, airfare price comparisons, etc



  • Provide information and outreach to all key stakeholders and public on importance of regular commercial air service and FSVA programs that ensure we continue to retain and improve Sun Valley’s commercial air service access. 
  • Coordinate communications efforts with Friedman Memorial Airport on air service issues.

*BACKGROUND ON AIRLINE CONTRACTS: Most airlines now require a contract to provide nonstop service to smaller seasonal markets like SUN. These contracts typically include a financial risk-mitigation component, usually in the form of a Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG) to ensure the airline does not have significant loss on the route. Additional airline seats into Sun Valley are needed as part of a comprehensive effort to stimulate the local economy and generate more tourism, more business and more jobs.

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