Ski For Air:  Ski For Air Day  I  Business Ski Passes





The program is open to any Wood River Valley or Idaho business or organization.

The passes can be purchased at any time from June 1 - November 1, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Early discount rates apply for purchases made through Sept 8, 2018 - NO EXCEPTIONS.

No pass sales after November 1, 2018. Quantities are LIMITED

     CHECKS ONLY, must be mailed in with completed order form. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE


You will receive an email confirmation from FSVA when your order is received; which will also be cc'd to Sun Valley Resort.

Before you receive your pass you must provide Sun Valley Resort (via email or in person) with the following:

1) Electronic copy of your company logo in jpg form

2)  List of current employee names (alphabetical order by last name) for those employees who will be using the pass

3) Signed waiver from each employee on your list

You may email the information to, or provide in person to River Run Lodge Ticket Office by Nov 1. 

Once Sun Valley Resort has confirmed they have all required information, they will print up your AIR SUPPORT SKI PASS(s) for you.  Pick up your AIR SUPPORT SKI PASS(s) at River Run Lodge when you are notified from SV Resort that your pass(es) are available. 

*NOTE: You may add or subtract employees on your list during the season to accommodate changes, within reason. 


Your employees may  use your company’s FSVA AIR SUPPORT BUSINESS SKI PASS for direct lift access.The direct lift access will also allow sharing of the pass with other employees on the same day. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This new policy is designed to make it more convenient for your employees to ski & snowboard, by avoiding waiting in line at the ticket window each day.  However, we cannot stress enough that this pass is only to be used by employees of your company – unlawful or unauthorized use of the FSVA pass by non-employees’ will result in the pass being immediately revoked without refund. Also understand that in the case of a FSVA pass being revoked for fraudulent use, the offending company will not be eligible to purchase a FSVA AIR SUPPORT BUSINESS SKI PASS in the future.  This will be a zero tolerance policy.  It is the companies’ responsibility to take appropriate steps to educate and ensure that all employees fully understand this policy and the consequences of non-conformance.


* Company Ski Day Terms & Conditions:

Business/Organization may select any day of the season to be designated as their Company Ski Day with the following exceptions:  Dec 15 -Jan 2, 2019; Feb 14-19, 2019. FSVA representative will work with business to confirm date for Company Ski Day as soon as possible after purchase of an AIR SUPPORT SKI PASS has been made.  Only one Company Ski Day will be allowed per day, and one Company Ski Day per season per Company. Company/Organization will be provided with 50 free lift tickets, which will be made available on their designated Company Ski Day at either River Run or Warm Springs ticket office, as requested by the business.  No lift tickets provided as part of the Company Ski Day are allowed to be resold.

Thank You For Supporting Air Service! Questions?

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