what sun air travelers are saying....

Both local and visiting SUN air travelers are praising the improvements to air service at SUN.


"Having been in the commercial real estate business for the past 28 years, and experiencing, through our tenants, the ebbs and flows of our business cycles and local economy, the implementation of the local option tax to further the Fly Sun Valley Alliance, and FSVA’s tremendous stewardship of those funds in marketing and expanding air service to SUN, has been the single most impactful “economic development” initiative generated within our community over the past decade.  The added flights make it easier for us to leave, our children to get home, as well as improve our visitor numbers, and their experience!   Hopefully, the snowball’s just beginning to roll down hill and pick up steam! Thanks FSVA!"

George Kirk, Owner/The Kirk Group, Commercial and Investment Real Estate Specialists

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“I am impressed at the added service and more competitive pricing that has given us opportunities to fly from Sun Valley instead of traveling to Boise and Salt Lake City because in the past, the pricing was usually out of reach for locals. While making reservations to head to the East Coast this coming spring break I started with the usual departure cities, but thought - let’s just see if Sun Valley can beat the prices and I was pleasantly surprised to find out - YES they can!  Let alone saving time, gas to travel and parking costs.  Fly Sun Valley Alliance is making it possible for all to travel by air! Thank you.”

Hilarie Neely, Owner, Footlight Dance Centre

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“I have had many friends come to visit over the past year who are now flying directly into SUN instead of Boise because of the improved flight options and the lower fares, which is a direct result of Fly Sun Valley Alliance’s concerted effort to improve air service. And the increased air service is spurring millions in economic investment in our valley as well, making a very positive difference for our community. Keep up the good work!”

Steve Mills, Bellevue, Idaho

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I would like to thank Fly Sun Valley Alliance for their efforts ensuring we have expanded flight schedules, lower ticket prices, and non-stop flights to major cities. Their accomplishments have made my traveling life so much easier, and I really appreciate their dedication to the air transportation needs of the community and our visitors.  We are very lucky to have the availability of regional jet service that SUN airport offers, and this was one of the key factors in our decision to move here and incorporate our new business, SnoFolio Corporation, in the Wood River Valley community.
 - Mark Cook, Ketchum, Founder/CEO, Snofolio

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"As a 28 year resident I've seen many things change here in our valley.  Some good, and some not so good.  Among my favorite changes are the new airport terminal, regional jet service and the expanded nonstop flight service.  With nonstop flights to Salt Lake, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle I can connect to the world with just one stop.  Along with the expanded flights comes the competition that also helps lower fares and leaves more spending money in the pockets of our guests upon arrival to the best place in the mountains."

Scott Mason, Owner – Ketchum Grill, Enoteca, Town Square Tavern

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The air service in and out of Sun Valley has made my life so much more enjoyable.  I have to travel for a portion of my work, with a new family this cuts down on travel and allows more time at home.  The remodel at the airport is beautiful and fitting for the valley where it is located.  I appreciate the expanded service from San Francisco and Denver as it allow our clients an easier and faster route to the valley.  Thank you Fly Sun Valley Alliance and all the partners that make this service possible.

Mathew Gershater, Founder/Executive Director – Idaho Basecamp


"Sun Valley is fantastic and now easy to get to with the nonstop flights" - Sherman Oaks, CA

"The improved convenience makes it possible to visit Sun Valley more often, which we now do!" - Kirkland, WA

"Friends recommended Sun Valley and flying into Friedman, and it was easy!" - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Appreciate the nonstop flights from San Francisco" - San Francisco, CA

"Great airport with friendly services" - Franklin Lakes, NJ

"Love the new Denver flight which is very convenient" - Des Moines, IA