TIM SILVA, FSVA Board Vice President

Vice-President/General Manager, Sun Valley Resort


Tim Silva is Vice-President/General Manager of Sun Valley Resort, a position he has held since returning in 2009 from a 17-year stint with Northstar at Tahoe, including the position of Vice-President/General Manager.  He has a long history with Sun Valley, starting in 1976 in the management training program and working in mountain management for many years prior to leaving for Tahoe in 1992.  At Northstar, Tim was closely involved in the reinvention of Northstar at Tahoe as one on the top family ski resorts in the country. Tim is currently Chair of the National Ski Areas Association, Past President of the California Ski Industry Association, and serves on the board of Sun Valley Marketing Alliance. Tim’s wife Leslie is very active in local volunteer and philanthropic endeavors. They have two grown children. Tim holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of California, Davis and Utah State University respectively.